Purpose and Scope

Turkish Journal of Iranian Studies (TJIS) is an international journal published twice a year, both electronically. TJIS aims to contribute to the international academic literature with quality studies on Iran, an essential country in its region from the past to the present, with an original and objective theoretical perspective. The mid-term and long-term purpose of TJIS is to establish a new Turkey-centered stance on Iran and Iran's areas of influence. In addition, the journal is thought to be an international academic platform for researchers to share their new findings and ideas about Iran. The journal follows a publication policy based on scientific contribution through original studies concerning Iran's religious, philosophical, historical, economic, political, and sociocultural contexts.

Although TJIS attaches importance to the academic literature in Western languages on Iranian studies, it prioritizes original research that is based on primary sources and field studies with an analytical perspective. While TJIS prioritizes studies in social and humanitarian sciences that focus on modern Iran, it also includes original research articles that examine the pre-modern period. In this context, comparative studies based on Iran and its relations with other countries with an analytical perspective and interdisciplinary approach are among the objectives of the publication policy. In addition to theoretical, original, and analytical articles, TJIS accepts research notes, reports, travel notes, reviews/critiques of the books and theses, outputs of scientific meetings such as workshops and symposiums, and their evaluations for publication. Articles on the following topics are accepted for assessment:

-History and Art History

-Language and Literature



-Fine Arts

-International Relations

-Religious and Sectarian Studies


-Security Studies

-Economy, Energy, and Logistic

-Political Science