Publication Policy

The Turkish Journal of Iranian Studies (TJIS) is published twice a year, in January and July as a "Peer-Reviewed Journal". Publication processes are based on producing, developing, and sharing information objectively through scientific methods. TJIS does not charge any fee for submission of the manuscript, editorial processing, and publication. Authors are paid royalties after the articles are peer-reviewed and queued for publication. (TJIS) has an open access policy. In this context, on condition that they are cited according to the scientific rules, it accepts that the articles published in the journal can be accessed, downloaded, copied, printed, scanned, and used for any other legal purpose through the internet without financial, legal and technical barriers.

In order for the scientific content to be published correctly and appropriately, all studies are evaluated by two expert reviewers, and a double-blind review system is used in the evaluation process, where the names of the reviewers and authors are kept confidential. Reviewer reports are preserved for five years. If one of the two reviewers evaluating the article gives a positive report and the other gives a negative report, the article is sent to the third reviewer and the final decision is made according to the positive or negative opinion of the third reviewer.

Authors must take into account the criticisms and suggestions of the reviewers and the editorial board. In case of disagreement, they have the right to object with their justifications. During the reviewer process, when editors assign reviewers, they pay attention to the fact that the reviewer is competent in the academic discipline and subject in which the candidate article is written. The editors also pay attention to the fact that the reviewers do not have a conflict of interest with the author of the article and that an independent reviewer is assigned. The duration for the preliminary evaluation phase of the article by the editor is ten days, and the duration for the evaluation process by the reviewers is four weeks. However, the publication of the articles may vary depending on the intensity of the review process. Authors who submitted their articles for publication to the TJIS are deemed to have accepted the relevant conditions of the review process of the journal. The copyright of the articles belongs to the TJIS from the date of submission. The copyright of the articles whose peer-review process has ended and which are not accepted belongs to the author.

The submitted manuscripts must not have been published anywhere before. The TJIS may initiate legal action if duplication is detected that manuscripts are sent to another journal before the end of the review process.