Notes for Reviewers

The Turkish Journal of Iranian Studies (TJIS) uses the double-blind peer review system to evaluate the articles in which both reviewer and author identities are kept confidential. Authors and reviewers cannot directly communicate in the evaluation process.

Obligations of the Reviewers

  • The reviewers should agree to review studies related to their field and should not examine studies outside their area.
  • The reviewers should reject the article with a conflict of interest and inform the journal editor about it.
  • The reviewers examine the submitted article in terms of method, content, and originality and decide whether it is suitable for publication.
  • The reviewers who are requested to evaluate an article are expected to notify if they will assess it within the specified time.
  • Reviewers must complete the article evaluation process in an impartial, objective, and confidential manner.
  • Reviewers should use a constructive tone and avoid using insulting and humiliating expressions.
  • Reviewers should not request information from the editor about learning who the article's author is and should avoid any attempt to do so.
  • Reviewers can only use the content of the studies they have reviewed according to the confidentiality principle after they are published.
  • Reviewers can suggest citations that will make a scientific contribution to the authors' studies.
  • If the reviewers have access to data about the author, the evaluation process should be terminated.
  • Reviewers should fill out the evaluation form in the system after evaluating the article.
  • Reviewers should write their reasons clearly and in detail in the referee report for the articles to be rejected.